April 24, 2014

Udupi : A Photologue

Malpe Beach

For my friends wedding had an opportunity to visit the places in my native district which I had seen as a kid. In the 2 days I spent there visited Malpe beach, St Mary's Island and Maravanthe beach. Malpe beach seemed to be clean and well maintained, but after taking the boat ride from this beach (which drenched us within no time), landed at the St Mary's island which was polluted to the core with all the thrash and the plastics the tourists had dumped irresponsibly on this island. The star attraction of this island is the hexagonal shaped rocks which is quite rare. The next day visited the Maravanthe Beach where we have a river flowing on one side and the beach on the other side and a small strip of land where the national highway passes through. Witnessed a beautiful sunset into the Arabian sea, if not perfect !!!...  This blog post is more of a photolog than a travelogue!!!!!  :P.

Stone Cold Heart: St Mary's Island

Brothers In Arms

Kissing The Sun

Marvanthe Beach

Fire Breathing Dragon

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