January 20, 2014

Bungy : A Jump To Remember

Here is the video of my bungy jump @ Rishikesh. Probably the scariest thing I have done in my life. My bucketlist has some extreme adventure items listed in them and this along with sky diving garner the majority of the scare quotient. Even though I was not scared when I registered for the jump, I got really nervous when I started walking across the bridge Jumpin Heights has build exclusively for this sport. When you see 275 feet of straight drop, even the strongest hearts has some afterthoughts.

With the bungee chord strapped to my ankle and a backup chord connected to my torso I was let to the edge of the bridge. I dont think I have ever experienced my heart beating faster than at that particular moment. As advised by the jump masters I jumped within the count of 3 and without thinking much, which according to them would make matter worse. But the initial freefall was one of the scariest part , falling freely to your death. I guess that's the nearest thing I have experienced to dying :P.  Overall it was a great experience and probably I would remember that freefall till the end of my days :D. I just wanted to experience this sport atleast once and with all probability would not do it again. :).

Anyway Jumpin Heights has some great safety procedures in place. So I recommend this place for those interested to experience this sport here in India, even though their charges are on the pricier side.

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