Self Quotes

 When nervous about something, just visualize the worst case scenario and suddenly for the majority of the cases you will think its not that bad !!!!!
There is no point drooling at things which is out of ones league, either with 4 wheels or a skirt..
Bcoz by the time one is able to afford them they are either outdated or out of shape
Travel & photography are like best buddies, the latter brings out some hidden quality of the former  
Nature is my God and trekking is my pilgrimage
Riding a bike is like watching a 3-D movie, you get all those special effects which is absent while driving a 4-wheeler

The easiest way to get a high is by pushing your own boundaries.

Moods of equal and opposite kind can be experienced on the evenings of Friday's and Sunday's.

If you go looking for danger its madness, Instead if danger finds you its adventure :)
Customer is the King, Product the Queen, Ultimately they should be the perfect pair

If in a dilemma whether to do a thing or not, its better to do it and suffer its consequences rather than repenting later about not doing it in the first place. 

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