August 9, 2014

Finally Found The ONE !!!!!!!

They say that it might take a lifetime to find ones soulmate. Well it did take me 29 years to find her. And how did I know that she is the one.... well it might sound all filmy, but deep within I knew she was THE ONE from the moment I met her. Technically speaking it had all the traits of an arranged marriage, parents matching the horoscopes, exchanging the photos and finally when everything was favorable came the part where we had to actually meet. And from the moment we met I fell in love with her, that cute smile that melted my heart right away. I always thought I was not a romantic person, but when you actually fall in love all those things that you thought were impossible would suddenly and surprisingly become natural.

So what are the tell tale signs that a person is in love, a list prepared from my experience :
1. The person keeps on smiling for no obvious reason and especially when they are chatting with that special person. They can never hide that special "Ishq wala smile"
2. They become absent minded all of a sudden. Even the sharp ones (of-course I am inferring myself here :P ), get lost in their own special world. I have ended up in floors that I was not supposed to be and even more scary is I have actually ended up in a place when riding my bike, with no recollection of how I ended up there :D.
3. They are never ever free on weekends. Whenever any person calls them he/she would say they already have plans and no points for guessing with whom. That is also one of the reason why I havnt updated this blog from quite some time :P.
4. And whenever they are apart they terribly miss each other and would dream about the next instance they would be together.

I had read a quote long back which said something like "I tried to make her fall in love with me by making her laugh, but whenever she starts smiling I fall in love with her all over again", and I couldn't agree more. I always keep on cracking some good jokes, some-not-so-good-jokes and some-real-pathetic-jokes-that-make-you-cringe just to see that beautiful pearly white smile. :).

I still remember the first date we had gone out to one of the most pathetic movie you could go out on a date for, the one and only GODZILLA. Both of us were umcomfy during that, but we have come a long way from there. The first time I got lost staring into those dreamy big eyes. In fact after her arrival in my life , my life is looking all the more dreamy and exciting. She makes me feel awesome and I can be totally myself around her, and what more can a guy ask for.

In another month or so I would marrying this great girl and time for me to experience the next big phase of my life.. the life of a married dude. And lucky are those who get to marry the person they love, just like me :).

This Blog is exclusively dedicated to that special girl !!!! :)

Photo Courtesy : Sathya Bhat
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