February 4, 2012

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan !!!!!!

It felt like having returned from some other universe. One complete week of no checking mail, no deadline worries, no assignment submission (thanks to my IIM-B team mates :) ), so much so as not even receiving calls or sms's thanks to our accommodation in an isolated village on the outskirts of Udupi. All this for my Brothers Wedding :). Below is my performance on D-day minus one. This took my 11pm to 1am slots every night for over 15 days. Thankfully non of the neighbors complained :P.

This performance was and is dedicated to Bhaiyya aur Bhaabhi :)

P.S> Dialogues in Kannada and Hindi. If the window is displayed as too small click on the youtube icon on the progress bar to directly take you to the site.


  1. levellu... 3 songs + skit + family intro!! well scripted!!

  2. le .. it was 2 songs + 2 skits + family intro + finale... :P... did u even watch the video :D :D :D
    anyway thanks for the complements :)

  3. sakath maga le ... good dance/report and choreography

  4. Level maga!! full color color!! Even I dint watch full video :P

  5. super performance...U can become professional like sharuk khan taking some lakhs to perform in marriages :)

    1. ha ha.. right... even if i get in thousands I would be interested :D... but who will give me tat much.. :D


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