July 6, 2010

Offbeat Movies I Love Part-I

It is usually the common case that when you want to watch some really good movies be it action,thriller, drama,romance (or even some guilty pleasure movies :P) and do a search in the Internet you would always end up with the same list of movies which you might have watched some "n" number of times. So I am compiling a list of movies which a majority of Indians would have never heard off (leaving off the film buffs :) ) and giving a brief review about what the movie is all about.List doesn't follow any particular order and contains movies from 1980's onwards(I might create another list for the classics) and contains no movies like matrix, terminators ET all even though these are one of my favorites :).

1. Pan's Labyrinth(Spanish)

A first look at this movie and you get the feeling that it is one of those "girly" movies, but you couldn't be more wrong. The film is about a young girls stark realities during the Spanish Civil War and the imaginary world she creates/encounters in order to escape from the former. This movie can be termed as "Fairy Tale For Adults", as it has too much gore and violence, and is no doubt created for them even though the lead protagonist is a child. Nominated for a Oscar in Foreign Language Category.

2. Der Undergang(German)

This is more of a biography of probably the most hated person in the history of mankind , Adolf Hitler. Seen through the eyes of his assistant Traudl Junge recalling the last few days of the hated nazi leader hiding in an underground bunker in Berlin when war ravages outside and both the Russians and the Allies closing on his neck. Amazing acting and amazing realism with instances of how he slowly he turned towards insanity.

3. Stalingrad(German)

The first time I got to witness the other side of the war, from a few German soldiers point of view. This films depicts the brutal War of Stalingrad during World War II where the Germans arrived confident that this war was just a formality and it turning into a nightmare for them with the rock solid resistance from the Russians.Brutal honest in the depiction with lot of gore and violence. A must watch for war movie fans.

4. The Usual Suspects(English)

A classic from Bryan Singer. This movie is slow paced and some people might get frustrated with it. Movie starts with a boat explosion leaving 27 dead and leaving a crippled man to explain and give some clue to the investigating officers. With lots of twists and turn, it surely requires a second viewing to observe all the little clues and fully appreciate them.

5. Kung Fu Hustle(Mandarin)

If I have to describe this movie in one word, it would be the word "crazy"!!!!!!. One of the best physical humor movies i have watched and hence watching using subtitles wouldn't make much of a difference. You will have to re-learn the laws of physics once again after watching this movie. The story of a common man and his struggle to become a member of a dreaded gang in the city and how in the end he turns against it. A must watch for physical humor fans.

6. The Prestige (English)

Between the 2 batman classics (The Dark Knight and Batman Begins) came this classic from Christopher Nolan. Starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, this movie explores how 2 magicians once close friends in the Victorian Era have become arch rivals and to what extent they are willing to go to be a better showman from the other. It explores the dark side of the human psych. One of my most favorite movies.

7. Cinderella Man(English)

Starring Russell Crowe and directed by Ron Howard, this true story of "Jim Braddock" a boxer in the Depression era. The story follows the beaten boxer and how he rises from extreme poverty and humiliation to become the best. The fact that this is a true story makes it a lot more believable and interesting. Amazing acting by Russell Crowe on par with his performance in Gladiator. The "Rocky" series seems like mediocre work after watching this.

8. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso(Italian)

A feel good movie following the life of a movie director describing his life beginning at a local cinema and his relation with his mentor and fatherly figure projectionist in the same place. Much of the movie is in flashback with the lead protagonist portrayed in different stages of his youth till the time he leaves the place for a better life in City only to return back nearly 3 decades later to attend his mentor's funeral. Winner of the Oscar for the Best Foreign film.

9. Thank You For Smoking(English)

This black comedy follows the life of Nick Naylor a lobbyist representing the tobacco industry. His primary job is to convince the public that smoking is not bad for your health, done using some amazing arguments from Nicks side. The concept of "Merchants of Death" is simply hilarious. A "see it to believe it" movie offering lots of laughs en route.

10. Black Friday (Hindi)

The first movie I saw from Anurag Kashyap and I have become a big fan of his, closely following all his work. Dark , Gritty and fast paced , this retells the story behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts , the events leading to this sad event and the later reaction of the investigating team in tracking down the suspects. A movie applauded both in India and abroad. A must watch for those who think that Indian Cinema is nothing more than a song and dance routine.

To be contd.......

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  1. I agree with 1,6 & 7. 2, man that was a nightmare.

  2. He he... i guess u got off____beat by no 2 :D

  3. Was doing a blog on offbeat movies too-came across yours. interesting stuff! Idk if you've seen Children of Heaven (Iranian) and GoodBye Lenin (German) - just remembered them as I was looking through this :)

  4. No I havnt checked out these movies... generally the only means of getting to know such literally unknown movies is through fellow bloggers.... thanks for updating my must watch list :)


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