July 18, 2010

Confessions of a Compulsive Blogger

"Blogging about Blogging" - Thats precisely what i am doing here . Blogging has been my latest pastime which I am pretty much addicted to. For those interested to know the word "Blog" has been coined from the word "web-log" and not named after some kind of rubber one would expect it to be :P . Its has been nearly a year since I wrote my fist blog article "Monsoon Trip To Thirthahalli",  a travelogue which was pretty much straight forward with the flow of events being jotted down with some humor added in between so as not the bore the readers. After completing this felt a proud feeling not regularly felt before. Close to what a artist feels towards his creation. In terms of quality this blog can be termed as crude, but I was not complaining :).

I remember the times when I was refreshing the blog page every 5 mins to check whether anyone has left a new comment or not. If at all any were present was super excited. Although those days are far behind , but I guess no blogger can get enough of those :P. In order to promote my blog have been involved in all sorts of "cheap" publicity stunts, giving the blog url any place that I can think of, gmail status,mails, FB, orkut, buzz and not even spared my companies internal discussion forum :P. This has been the norm in the past , in the present and definitely in the future :).

Eventhough the major chunk of my blog articles are travelogues, I have always tried to add some articles which are quite different from a fixed flow travelogue, where I have a complete freedom to steer the article to any direction that I am willing to. These type of articles are a challenge to write. Suddenly in your sleep some topic pops up (actually this did happen :P ) and you start writing and building upon that article , handpicking each and every point to be added into it, building and tinkering with it until a satisfaction level is reached.

After I started to blog regularly I have felt an improvement in my written language, felt more comfortable in presenting a piece of literature (if it is called so :P) for the whole world to read. I even tried to make some bucks out of this, but sadly my Adsense application was rejected by Google saying inappropriate content, which I am still trying to figure out which part of the blog are they referring to ???!!!! :(

The most common comments I usually get is regarding the size of my blogs and elaborate content in it . Well size does matter in this case and considering the short attention span of a online readers one would expect the articles to be short and sweet. But this is something which I am reluctant to do, since I am always more interested in writing all the things that comes into my mind, because the primary reason I blog is for myself . It is more or less like a private diary which every one has access to. I remember that in my 9th Grade I had a personal diary which I used to fill daily. Even though after a couple of months I lost the patience of writing regularly into it, I still sometimes go through it and it feels really awesome to read your own words written nearly a decade back. Similarly would very much love these online written articles to be around when I am much older and can look back in life and remember those "moments" and hence the title "My Experiences" :).


  1. maybe this is the first blog of yours which is shorter than a 10km marathon. Agree with you in terms of improving the written skills. Keep blogging.

  2. who knows I might come up with 'Confessions Of A Compulsive Blogger Part- 2' :P.....

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  4. I loved two facets of this blog...

    1. why write a blog??? :)
    "Primary reason I blog is for myself" --> absolutely true in my case though not as frequent as you.
    "It is more or less like a private diary which every one has access to" --> absolutely wrong in my case.

    2. Its well composed..
    U might feel that the comment is sort of regular but I as a reader feel that there has been sooper improvement in the compostion.. (start, flow and end of ur blogs...)

    Keep blogging...

  5. Thanks PPR.... between ur blog has public access too :P....

  6. ya hopefully self improvement is there :P,
    Actually i liked that 1st blog of urs too so :)

    aa self quote bere side alli ... :P

  7. ya hopefully it has improved :P....self quote sumne time pass ge hakiddhu :)

  8. I also like that, u always reply back to a comment made by ur reader. Atleast I feel good when I see that u have noticed my comment. Not like some posts where u cant make out whether the blogger has read ur comment or not.

  9. Bere kelsa illa adakke reply maadadhu :D


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