July 3, 2010

Football Fever 2010

Its time again to religiously follow the football thanks to the world cup taking place in South Africa. Even though I am not a die-hard footie fan , world-cup is something I donot wish to miss, giving no thoughts to sleepless nights or even semester exams(circa 2006 :P) and this has been the case since 1994 in USA when the late night matches were broadcasted live in the humble Doordarshan channel, no Ten sports and ESPN back then :P.

The so called "beautiful game" is sometimes far away from it. With most of the players from all countries putting a performance worthy enough for an oscar nomination :P. All this talk of introducing technology into the game , but my personal opinion is to let the game as it is. Let there be some human touch. I know it is sometimes emotionally draining when ones country is caught on the wrong side. Guess this opinion of mine will be true until India plays , hopefully once in my lifetime :).

My all time favorites have been both Argentina and Germany (and pretty much anti- Brazil :P), but this world cup I am routing specially for Germany , having bowled over by their style of playing..... each player never going for personal glory but playing as a team..... simply beautiful how they convert goals :) and the way they thrashed respectable teams like England and Argentina proves their capability :P. They might have to overcome the Spanish Armada taking them one step closer and probably will meet Team Oranje in the ultimate showdown. Lets see how it goes.

Even though most of the group matches were a bit boring the action started with the knockout stage even boring sounding matches like Uruguay vs Ghana proving to be a cracker.

After this worldcup it will be back to oblivion till the next worldcup in Brazil. Till then "Go Deutschland, Go !!!!!! " :)


  1. ya "Go Deutschland!"... go home.. :) let Oranje win!! :)

  2. he he.... German's will have Oranje squash for dinner on 11 July :D

  3. Oranje will send the Germans back to Deutschland as fast as a merc/audi/bmw can take them.. :P
    I like germany.. but i love the Dutch play.. :)

  4. "oranje" balls :D.... lets c wat happens :)


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