July 23, 2010

Inception : Nolan Does It Again

Woaah.......watta movie..... Another masterpiece from Christopher Nolan , who is churning out masterpieces one after the other, makes one really look upto him in awe. With nearly 100% track record in terms of creativity and box office response he is surely going to become the most sought after director of this decade.

Coming to the movie its a beautiful mindbender. A true successor to the "The Matrix" genre of movies ( for which I required 3 complete viewings to understand the concept:P). Story begins with Cobb(Dicaprio) , a high profile robber of dreams/thoughts, able to extract any details from a given persons head. But his latest assignment is a actually to implant a dream into a energy heir's head so that he liquidizes all his fathers multi-billion dollar industries. Now this is just the beginning. With the story developing superbly along the way and little twists and surprises enroute. The special effects are mindblowing not just with their quality but for the creativity and visualization of such sequences entirely unseen in cinema's before. My favourite is the gravity defying combat scene involving Gordon-Lewitt and some other goons.... simply beautiful :)

Even though I mentioned this to be a mindbender , it is one of those movies which you have complete hopes to understand atleast after a couple of viewings. Not like complete abstract movies like Mullohand Drive or Lost Highway where we cant make out where the head and the tail of the movie is. My rating is a  solid 5/5. A movie not to be missed.

In terms of his other movies this can be said to be his best work.
1. Inception
2. The Prestige
3. Memento
4. The Dark Knight
5. Batman Begins
6. Insomnia

If the multiplex guys had given some offer like buy one and get 50% off for the next show , there surely would have been takers including me. Surely this requires a second viewing to understand and appreciate it completely.

Waiting for the next Batman masterpiece from "Nolan the Great".


  1. lo ... it is not entirely new concept in every sense.
    I read wiki yesterday to understand wat the movie was about :P.
    He has done other movies too like the memento ... exploiting almost the same concept...I too felt the concept and all were new ... but not to be so...may be u can call memento path-breaking or a creative masterpiece.

  2. le maga .... a pathbreaking film in every sense is almost impossible to make...not just in movies but everything else around us... there will be some inspiration intentional or unintentional....between wiki is something which how one guy perceived the movie to be...:P... its wat u interpret rather than wat others interpret that is more important... ya I too agree... memento and this movie have the basic skeleton concept... but in memento u will appreciate the movie only in the end whereas in this movie u start from the word go....

  3. From: Sachin T.Asangi

    I don’t consider Inception to be Nolan’s best work. I feel Memto was better at the same time I agree the concept of Inception was far better than Memto. I like Memto because the direction is brilliant and the pace of the movie remains the same throughout. I felt a bit boring towards the end of Inception, it could have been much better and Nolan is a director who has the caliber of delivering far better than what he has done now. May be he wanted to be more romantic and perhaps that’s the reason he casted Leo. Had if he left the Mal’s character in the first half saying that Leo just can’t dream cos of her, Nolan could have given more time to make this movie a pure sci-fi. I don’t see much of mazes or paradoxes which I thought architects would have done, even the character of the gal whom Leo hires could have been portrayed in much better way, I was also expecting more unusual stunts and twists/turns in the dream world, when I saw the train coming in the middle of the streets as soon as they enter into first level. May be Nolan didn’t want to compete with Matrix, I think he could have done them and still avoided the comparisons with Matrix, may be he just didn’t wanted to let his imagination go wild and wanted to play safe. All these things could have been achieved if he had decided to reduce the romance in the movie, I haven’t seen anyone talking about the emotions btw leo and his wife that Nolan has tried to show. Since the rich guy was trained to face these kind of scenarios I think it would have been much better if Leo and his entire team would have involved in a much complex fight in convincing that person, which is actually the core of the movie rather Leo fighting his past, we all know that Leo is an expert extractor so he should been by this time had overcome his wives thought and also he always makes sure that he doesn’t design the dream. All these makes me feel that this movie though a good one is not the best of Chris. (I have just watched this once , have few doubts about saito)

    I still would like to rate ‘Prestige’ as his best. I totally disagree with those who think Prestige is just a rivalry btw two magician. The way Chris narrates this movie is the reason why I would like to rate it as the best. We could see ‘Three time periods’ in this movie very well put together. In fact if you watch closely you would believe the skeleton of ‘Inception’ is directly taken from Prestige. The way the movie starts is superb and a climax that no one could imagine is brilliant, keeping the suspense throughout the movie. The dialogues of this movie is superb, along with Hugh Jackman’s brilliant performance. The way Chirs convinces the audience how Bale could kill Jackman all alone with huge water tank, transported man trick uses just only one person , the comparison of the parrots where one gets killed and the other survives with Bale (brothers) ,which is also true in case of Jackman where his clone gets killed was really good. I was completely blown away when Bale reads the last line in the Jackman’s diary. Throughout the movie Chris will be giving hints that there are two people and also asks us to “watch closely” yet we won’t because we “just like to be get fooled”. Overall Inception = Prestige + Memento . My ratings are as follows.

    1. Prestige
    2. Memento
    3. Inception
    4. Dark Knight
    5. Batman Begins
    6. Insomnia

  4. Whoaahh...Dude.. one of the few cases where the comment is bigger than the blog :P..... before i give reply to it I would like to state that different people have different taste and liking... else everyone would have wind up with the same girl. :D.. as far i could see the wife and Kids part was quite imp in the entire story buildup...(SPOILER) for him to feel the guilt of having killed his wife and his desperation of getting back to his kids with him agreeing to do a job not free from risks... (remember the limbos )..anyway as u suggested leaving the personnel life part , and make the movie more sci-fi, well it take out the actual buildup of the twists and turns in the movie and make it more straight forward.. and who would want that from Nolan...eventhough I am not critizing either Prestige or Memento , which both of them being flawless and deserving a 5/5 in their own right, I am just saying I liked this movie better than them....

  5. From: Sachin T. Asangi

    I have just put my view, and gave my ratings.I think by putting under your blog I will be putting in front of more people :D.

    I just said to leave his wife's character cos he can get more time else the movie will be extend to 4hr, coming to children I didn't mention about them, I don't want any change there, let going back to his children still be the motive behind the risks that he takes. I didn't see anyone impressed seeing Leo fighting his past, they were only impressed by the concept and talk only about that......so just thought what could have happened to them including me if Nolan had concentrated more on the execution of the concept which he had promised in the first half of the movie.

  6. Dear Nithin,
    Can i have your email ID pls?
    i need to share some information from your blog.


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