June 10, 2012

Bikes and Guns !!!!!!, A weekend well spent

On a free weekend , (which is hard when u consider 8 guys in question) we decided to do some rounds of the local adventure centres. Initial plan of going of Play Arena X in Sarjapur road was changed when we got a better deal at Adventure Unlimited in JP Nagar where we got close to 47% off via timesdeal . Thus we bought 2 tickets per head and decided to also try Quad biking at Dirtmania.

All of us assembled at Sarakki signal at 10.45 and moved towards our first destination which was Dirtmania on Kanakpura Road right after Sommanahalli abt 20 kms from the Sarakki Signal. But it being a highway we covered the distance within half an hour. Reached the venue , did some bargaining and got a deal of 450 bucks for 4 laps considering there were 10 of us. Quad Biking actually was not easy as it seemed, the steering feels like that of a truck, too tight. Initial 1 lap was spent in getting used to my 300cc geared bike. But in the subsequent laps there was constant thought of getting thrown out of this uncontrollable beast. The dirt-track was well laid with 2 jumping humps where I always accelerated to the max to having a thrilling jump. Others too did pretty well except for PPR and SK who were not able to ride a gearless bike with constant banging into the tires and so on. Anyway they made up for this hopeless show with great performance in paintball fight :P.

A crasssssssssssssshh.. By Manju :)

Black Ops Team

After this we moved towards the paintball venue , (Adventure Unlimited near Brigade Millennium JP Nagar), not before I smashed a rear view mirror of a stationary car. Being completely my mistake I had no other option but  to apologize and lighten my pocket of 1.3k for the damages :(. Reached the paintball venue after roaming around a lot in circles. This was supposedly SK's treat for getting a patent in his name and soon after we geared up to the brim (this sort of safety equipment was missing in Blue Moon Retreat) , dividing the teams (Me, SK, PPR, jenny and Harsha's cousin as Black team)(Manju, Harsha, Vineeth , Shashi and PPR's cousin as Yellow team) off we entered the battle zone to capture the opponents flags. Another comparison is that the bullets here travel a lot faster than those in Blue Moon Retreats and one cannot see the bullets flying towards them and bend over to avoid them :P. The 4 rounds of game we had was a great adrenaline rush and some even having 6 rounds thanks to conserving their bullets. In the end it was a complete washout with us winning 6-0. :). Overall it was a great day of adventure with many of us flaunting our battle wounds in the end.

The Winners and the Losers :)
Snaps Courtesy : Harsha


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