December 19, 2009

Avatar : An Experience and Review

Nearly 5 months since I took a voluntary "sanyas" from movie watching in theaters because of obvious reasons (For people who are a bit of tubelights like me ....... think H1 * cough* N1 *cough* :P) something compelled me to break that and come again and watch movies in theaters. That reason was none other than the movie "Avatar" in 3-D, the most awaited movie of 2009.

This is the first movie I have watched in 3-D and boy it was spectacular, a visual extravaganza. So got an opportunity to watch this movie from one of my favorite directors, James Cameron. Got tickets booked for saturday noon show at INOX theatre, Garuda Mall at a steep charge of 375/- per ticket(phewww!!!!!).

The movie starts with the "20th Century Fox" logo displayed in 3-D giving an idea of what to expect from the entire movie. I had wrong perception that this was displayed in true 3-D here in India, but i was wrong. The screen gives only the sense of depth and objects doesnt seem to be floating out of the screen as I had expected. Even then it was a treat to the eyes. Giving an extra dimension in the screen is a totally different experience. :).

Coming back to the storyline of the movie, it was not completely original. Going through the various stages of the movie you cannot resist remembering movies with the similar storyline like The Last Samurai and the more recent The Surrogates (If u were one of those unlucky bas****s who watched this :P). Movie starts with Jake Sullyman (Sam Worthington) signing up for project in background of his brothers death. Due to the similiar DNA as his brother, he is brought on board on a mission in a distant earth like heavenly body named Pandora. This moon Pandora has a native humanoid race,named Na'vi, 10 foot tall with blue colored skin. The job of Jake is to take control of a Na'vi body(similar to Surrogates) and infiltrate the indigenous population for Intel, so that the human bosses can retrieve the huge deposits of a highly expensive mineral right under the Na'vi tribes settlement. So this movie deals basically how Jakes enters the tribe and learns various customs, tradition and how he falls in love with the princess of the tribe and finally turning against the humans.

Overall apart from the visual extravaganza the movie has heart (unlike CGI filled movies Michael Bay churns out Transformers 2).Nearly 80% of the movie is pure CGI, even then you feel the visuals are authentic, with the attention given to very minute details. The actions scenes are spectacular(due to 3-D effect ????? !!!!! :P) keeping action buffs like me interested and on the edge of the seats. Even the total run time of nealy 2 hrs 45 mins will give you the impression that it is a really long movie, but believe me you wont even know how the time fly's by. At no moment of the entire movie was I bored or uninterested, totally glued to the screen :). Rating wise I would give it a 4.25 out of 5.

And in comparison to other of Cameron's movies(in decreasing order)

2.Terminator 2
5.The Abyss
6. Terminator
7. True Lies

So don't miss this movie and insist on watching it in 3-D theaters, bcoz 3-D television sets are a good 2 years from coming into India. Finally I am back to continuing my "sanyas" with a slight glitch in between :).

Statutory Warning: Prolonged viewing of 3-D visuals using the special glasses might lead to mild headaches :).

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