November 22, 2009

Manchanabele Revisited

Nearly a year later when we were legally mugged by a group of cops (Supposed to be curfew after 6pm, so got detained and got relieved of all our Ghandhi potraits :( ), I again got an oppurtunity to visit this godforsaken place in my cycle.

During the weekday Raghav proposed that we go the Big Banyan Tree off the Mysore Road. I too agreed. After the initial confusion the date was decided to be 22 Nov 2009 and we planned to leave early in the morning at around 6.30 am.

Raghav arrived a bit late we met at the rendezvous point near my house. Hence we moved along the Uttarahalli Road to join the Mysore Road at Kengeri. This morning ride was very good. Be it cycling or biking the morning is the best time (The midnight comes a close second).

We joined the Mysore road and moved along it. Then around 7-8 kms from Kengeri we took a right at the Rajarajeshwari dental college into a two lane road. The condition of the road was very good till we reached the Big Banyan tree.This has nothing but as the name suggests a very big Banyan tree. The time was just 7.45 am or so. Met another group of cyclists who were going towards Savandurga. After an exchange of pleasentaries they recommended us to go to Manchanabele reservoir supposedly to be around 10-15 kms from that place.

After the Big Banyan tree we took a left at a junction and proceeded in it. The roads were pretty damaged..... more or less it was a dirt trail. But having a mountain bike makes matter much easier in these kind of situation, even though I moved slowly(having a relatively new bike) raghav on the other hand went through this as it was any other road.

As we move on this road, we got the first up-close view of the reservoir. It was as if from a scene from a cheap horror movie........ jumping on you :P........

Went by the water, spent some 10 mins or so clicking pics and then left that place. Just after the reservoir while moving towards Mysore road there is huge incline and throughout the entire ride so far this was the toughest one.

Anyway in short the return journey is dotted with pretty steep inclines and add to that the sun out of its hiding place and shining in its full glory resulting in us starting to experience some fatigue.

So pedaled at whatever pace that was possible and somehow reached Uttarahalli road via Kengeri and by this time Raghav had ridden far ahead and was completely out of sight. Now nearly 5 km from home I started to get slight dizziness. Thankfully Raghav was by the road side sipping flavoured milk. Within no time I too stopped and ordered a bottle and after drinking somewhat came to my senses. Anyway after that pedaled towards my home and reached at around 10.40 am, taking a total of 3hrs 50 mins.

More or less it was an eventless ride, with high points being chased by 2-3 dogs :P.

Total Distance Cycled- 70km
Time Taken - 3hrs 50 mins

P.S.- after getting attacked by a dog once while cycling(still one shot left out of the total 5 shots :( )have now developed a fool proof plan to avoid such situations. The trick is to just shout at the dogs in a very commanding manner and they whimper and stop. Success rate 100% so far :)


  1. yea kikass place

    our 5th visit to the place... re union of old skool frnz... trekk + swim \m/



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