March 8, 2011

Paintball : Game On

Rival Teams Posing Together :P
Basically I am not a resort person, I do mind a lot paying through my nose and enjoy the shoddy facilities which tries to simulate jungle surrounding and providing luxury at the same time, not my cup of tea. But when an opportunity emerged in terms of a team outing(1/3/11) I was all set since I was not paying from my pocket therefore had nothing to loose. The thing which excited me the most in this resort was Paintball, which was in my wish-list from a very long time but never got an opportunity so far. The destination was Blue Moon Retreat just off Kanakpura road, quite near to my home hence didnt miss the opportunity to ride my cycle on this wonderful tree lined highway (15 kms one way distance).

Our Strike Force- Me In the Centre
Apart from paintball the facilities offered here are rafting in a lake (which is not that exciting), outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, badminton and indoor games like pool table and table tennis. Food was below average (corporate price 950 bucks).

Finally after exhausting all the other facilities we reached the Paintball arena. After an initial briefing we were let into the arena with a full face helmet and a protective jacket and with 4 against 4 teams.The arena is packed with lot of bunkers to duck and fire. Once the game started was an awesome adrenaline rush. Ducking - firing, jumping from one bunker to another to get a better strategic position with bullets (paintballs) whizzing past our ears. It was as though playing Counterstrike in person :). After this I got an opportunity to enter the ring again thanks to some female colleagues who refused to get down and dirty in the arena :P. Totally in both the games got 2 perfect victims , whom I caught unawares and pumped a lot of paintballs into them.. Call me a sadist :P. Also I got a hit to my fingers which pained like hell.

 In Action :)
But the sad thing about this is it gets over very quickly just lasting for 15 mins each game, would be really awesome if it lasts for an hour or so, with full of strategic maneuvers. Overall I am now addicted to this form of sport, Game On :).

Snaps Courtesy : Rupayan Dutta

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