November 17, 2010

The Bangs & The Booms Of Deepavali

Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Zamaana Bole
Boom Boom Boom
Boom Boom Deewaana Bole

This is a song from a Salman Khan movie and during the Deepavali festival I was humming it every time there was an ear splitting explosion , and no need to further specify the intensity with which these things happen during the festival. It has been nearly 11 years since I renounced firing crackers and promote for a safe and green Deepavali. Not that I was thinking about the environment back then and it was more of my lack of interest in firing the same stuff year after year.. again and again. But whenever anyone asks I always tell its for the environment and it appears so much elegant :P.

You really have to be a bystander to actually absorb the intensity with which these crackers explode. Really gives a big headache. And these things didnt figure out in my list of things when I was playing with them long back. Just overlooking their imperfections. The day after deepavali is usually a sorry state to witness.... million bits of papers strewn across the roads, the tinge of gun powder smell in the air. Usually during the Deepavali night a thick layer of smoke engulfs the city during the night, the pollution levels goes for a toss. Also the stuff of child labour being used for the manufacture of the firecrackers makes one sad.

But coming to good side of this festival beautiful fireworks in the night sky, decorating ones house beautifully with traditional oil lamps and last but not the least, the food , the sweets and the festive atmosphere. Hence reinforcing the concept that everything has a good side as well as an ugly side to it. The only thing that matters is how a balance is maintained between them and never letting the bad overtake the good. But the so called tagline of Deepavali is nothing but  "Triumph of the good over evil" ,which in my opinion can never be achieved. But as mentioned Balance is what matters :)

Clicked some snaps on the deepavali night from the terrace . To click them timing is the most important factor, one fraction of a second delay and you miss the shot...... hence didnt get anything spectacular. ;(

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