March 31, 2017

Bribie Island and Glasshouse Mountains

The best known thing about Australia are definitely its beautiful beaches, and each beach has its own unique characteristic. The beaches of Bribie island are the nearest to the Brisbane City apart from the ones in Gold Coast. Before visiting the Bribie Island we decided to take a detour to the Glasshouse mountains to do a bit of bush-walking before heading back to the beach.

A unique observation I found after visiting the Glasshouse mountains is that the bushwalking circuits to the North of Brisbane are semi-arid in nature in comparison to the rainforest areas south of it. Hence it was in complete contrast to the bush walking circuits we had explored in the scenic rim. The Glasshouse mountain circuit route is small and provides some great views of the surrounding volcanic plug mountains which had been active millions of years back.

After exploring the views around the Glasshouse mountains we moved towards Bribie island. Bribie island is the only island off Bribane coast to be connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is a very scenic and unique place. The part of the sea in between the island and the mainland is devoid of any waves and is a perfect spot for activities such as kayaking, seaboarding etc. We decided to kayak and it was a great experience to do so. Since the water is calmer, it is more prone to be infested by jelly fishes. And we found a lot of them washed to shore, ofcourse those washed were the least deadly of them, the blue blubber jelly fishes. Since we wanted to avoid that in the process of getting into water,  we decided to go towards the main beach of the island, which is facing away from the main land and known as Woorim Beach.

In order to access this beach, one has to cross the entire island and reach the other part. The beach was really beautiful and we enjoyed a lot playing in it. However the facilities provided here left a bit to be desired, very unlike the facilities usually provided in other tourist frequented beaches.

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