August 30, 2013

Kickboxing 1.1

Appraisal time !!!!!!
Some improvements over the year.... :)...from the 2 videos it seems right now I am less of a loose cannonball and more of a restrained, longer enduring boxer :P. Further there are some extra weapons in my arsenal.But frankly speaking I haven't practiced this much over the year.... but nevertheless this is one of the most fun workouts around :).

Y do i kick-box ????
1. Primarily to induce variety in my fitness regime, and not because I am some sadistic, violence loving crackhead :)
2. In case I find myself in some dangerous situation (God forbid I dont encounter such situation), to protect and defend , if not kick their asses :).
3. Its a good stressbuster.

Hopefully my next video will be named as Kickboxing 2.0 and not Kickboxing 1.2 !!!!!

Dont watch this video if any of the following holds good:
1. If u r not comfortable with "extreme" violence, or have some weird soft corner for a punching bag (refers to u PPR :P) :D :D
2. If u r not comfortable with upper body male nudity :D :D :D

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