October 17, 2010

The Lost Symbol

 Not one , nor two but three times... Thats the number of times Robert Langdon escapes from certain death and you thought Bin Laden was lucky. After the Angels & Demons, Da Vinci Code , Dan Brown is back with Robert Langdon's character in this book. As with the previous 2 books this too is loaded on symbolism, ancient legends and mysteries. Now it is the turn of Masons, after focusing on Illuminati and Knights Templar.

If one examines all of Browns books one come's to a conclusion of a common skeleton plot he employs in all his books. This is not restricted to books about symbolism and ancient mysteries but also includes books like Deception Point(one of my favorites) and Digital Fortress. This skeleton plot has a killer/assassin who is on a rampage and with all probability you will witness some sort of murder in the beginning of the story and from here the story builds on. 

Story starts with Robert being summoned to the capital of the United States by his mentor(Peter Solomon) and close friend. But everything is not what it seems. He is  lured into a trap by an assassin who has kidnapped his mentor and asking for Roberts help in cracking the age old Masonic treasure in exchange of Peter's life. So starts the journey and the adventure cracking age old codes, symbols and what not.

The book was a lot more predictable , with the so called twists and turns not providing the necessary surprises,  many of which I got a clue before it was revealed. Reading the last 30 pages was really a pain in the ass and the ending a big anticlimax. Overall a book which can be read atmost only once and that too better to borrow a copy from some friends or library. Not worth spending your hard earned money on this disappointing piece of literature. Probably the title "The Lost Book" would be more fitting for this !!!!!!

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