September 8, 2010

Kane And Abel

Now here's a classic from Jeffrey Archer which is worthy of multiple reads. After reading not so impressive literature's from the same author this 3 decade old novel really came as a surprise. The real classic which will pull people towards it,  to read it again and again.  “The ultimate novel of sibling rivalry” as described by Dan Brown.

The story starts with 2 protagonists, who are equally balanced out in the entire book. On one end is the polish born supposedly orphaned Abel Rosnovski who has to endure extreme poverty in his childhood. And on the other hand is William Kane a person born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Having been born on the same day they have their life's interleaved till the very end, the absolute end. Abel has to fight for everything he wants in life, right from the Germans, Russians and the American Capitalistic society, he is the one for whom nothing comes easy. He builds a huge Hotel empire with his hard work and determination.

William Kane on the other hand has to live up-to his fathers legacy. He is the one who is constantly compared with what had already been achieved by his father. If he achieves it nothing special , if not few eyebrows are raised. Raised to be a banker right from his childhood by his grandmothers and he becomes really good at it. The tragic demise of his mother leaves him in pieces , but he picks up those broken shards and moves on his life, taking charge of it. Both of them being achievers in their own right.

At one point of their youthful life their paths crisscrosses each other , but not on pleasant terms. From this point onwards starts the scheming of one person to completely destroy the other and vice-verse. Also their life is affected in a good way from the other person without them being aware of it. Back and forth this continues till at one point of their life their offspring's fall for each other. From here on starts their internal struggle to end the grudge. My view from this novel is that the character of Abel comes as a more aggressive person, but I am pretty sure with one having such a rough childhood, you cant expect anything better. Kane on the other hand is comparatively defensive in his life, never having lived in the streets, never having to fight for one's survival and not as toughened up as the former.

The way in which the author has written alternate chapters for each protoganists childhood is a pleasure to read. You don't just get to read one story but two of them simultaneously which are world apart. Especially the tale of Abel's tragic childhood caught between World War I and extreme poverty and his rise from rags to riches is real treat for the bookworms. My verdict is a true must read classic. If you haven't read don't miss this :).


  1. One true classic.. :)
    I m a Big!! fan of archer

  2. Seriously, ur a big fan of Archer or this book ????.... bcoz I am the fan of the latter.. not the former :P... need one more such impressive book to become his fan :P


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