April 23, 2010

Korean Diaries : Back To Namma Bengaluru

After a stint of nearly 8 weeks abroad in South Korea, it was finally time to return back to the homeland. The return journey was more or less eventless with a few eye candies thrown here and there. Just a week before my return journey , the cherry blossoms had started to appear. And these blossoms are quite famous with tourists visiting Korea during the spring season. These flower filled trees offer a spectacular sight.

My return date was scheduled on 17 th April and I was to board an afternoon flight to Hong- Kong, this being the first leg of the journey. Boarded a bus to airport from Suwon. The bus journey was eventless except at one point when a small truck grazed the bus. Both the drivers got into an argument initially and within seconds a partol police arrived to book a case and to be further continued in a court I guess :P. So this entire process ended within 10 mins . Imagine the same situation taking place in Bengaluru :P. Also the view of the view of the Incheon bridge running nearly 5-6 kms in the open sea connecting the Incheon airport to the mainland offers a breathtaking view. This I had failed to observe the previous time becoz of nightfall.

The first leg of the journey lasted for some 3.5 hrs and I clicked some pics from the aircraft window.

According to the iternary was supposed to wait nearly 5 hrs for the next connecting flight to Bangalore. But believe me, 5 hrs of time can be easily spent in this huge airport. Even walking from one end to the other takes a lot of time and me guessing the length of the airport to be a couple of kms :P.

The second leg of the journey lasted for nearly 7 hrs. This was a bit tiring and boring too. But the high points being when flying over the Bay of Bengal it being a moonless night, dark abyss as far as my eyes could see and stars illuminating the sky with such a concentration only one could imagine. Also when flying above the city of Chennai at around 38,000 ft we chanced upon a cloudless night. The view of Chennai at this height is simply spectacular….. simply whoa!!!!! The entire city illuminated like a jewel against the dark background.

Reached Bangalore at around 2 am. Had some cramp-ons in my checked-in luggage. So my luggage was singled out with a big “X” marks on it. The customs guy then caught hold of me bcoz of that. Some smooth talking from my side resulted in exiting from the airport without any fuss :P. The taxi guy asked whether I wanted ac????? I told no, since it was long time since the smelled my city of Bengaluru …….. Awesome to be back in India :)


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