March 10, 2010

Korean Diaries : My First Brush With Snow

On March 9 2010 the weather gods finally heard my prayers and it snowed very heavily in Suwon. This was the firsttime I had been in a snow-fall and boy it is an awesome sight, also a very chilly place to be. Snowfall in March is a very rare phenomenon here in the city of Suwon and might be just because of me :) . Now people will know why the temperature is hovering at 35 C in Bangalore :P...... Me and my friend went out for a walk in the snowfall to capture some pics and it was the first outing of my SX200 cam.

The temperature was hovering at around -4 C and my hand was paining like hell, even though I had put on a single layer woolen gloves. I had never expected the temperature to drop to such low during my stay hence the unpreparedness.
[With Rupayan]

The entire surroundings was white, as if the canvas was painted with the color white. Felt snow on my bare hands and it felt almost near to nothingness. Dont know whether this is because of the actual characteristic of the snow or becoz of total numbness of my hand :P.

[with the korean lady]

Anyway during the snowfall the only people on the street enjoying it were the Indians, most of them having never seen this sight, with few koreans visible. It is more of common phenonmenon for them in the winter season, except for one very friendly korean lady. She was offering to take a group pics of the Indians :). This scenario of a single lady among complete strangers is far away than being reality in India. For those curious South Korea has one of the least crime rates in the world . After the photography session had a snow fight, even though it was one sided with my friend offering very little resistence :).

Clicked a few pics the next day too, in not so bright sunlight. Had actually planned to go to some ski resorts to feel the snow , where they produce artificial one in the absense of the authentic, thankfully now I am a few dollars richer :P.

[Monkeying around]

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